Welcome to Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center, Arizona’s leading chiropractic center for Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine. The doctors at ACNC have a comprehensive understanding of the central nervous system, neurochemistry and biomechanics. We pride ourselves in providing diagnostics and a treatment plan that can achieve successful results where others have failed.

Are you suffering from complex health conditions that doctors can’t find the cause? Have you seen specialist after specialist just to have similar treatments performed and prescriptions filled without addressing the cause of the problem? Do you want a custom recovery plan based on you as an individual? If you are searching for answers to these and other difficult health questions, Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center may have solutions that will change your life! Our Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine therapies might be the approach you have been looking for. We are trusted by experts throughout Arizona as well as nationally because ACNC offers novel scientific approaches to recovery that other medical institutions don’t use.

  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Rehabilitation
  • Structural and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Neurological Issues are Focus of Local Practice

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